Technology Consultant Mark

As a technology consultant, Mark Viccars, has been advising businesses, organisations and individuals on their technology requirements. This site has since gone through a re launch in early 2012, to combine all technology consulting areas covered in one place.

Mark himself has launched 3 technology businesses; having sold off the first business in 2011, this has provided great experience in the technology marketplace and a real insight into the full life-cycle of an organisation.

With all this experience, and having worked at other technology organisations or within technology departments of other businesses, Mark is best placed to provide technology advice and technology guidance that has been proven to work.

Having used Mark as a technology consultant, it massively improved our business function, our sales increased from excellent online presence and we saved money from greater technology efficiencies.

If you have a technology requirement, please feel free to contact Mark who can be hired for consulting on all technology requirements.

Please remember to check out Marks Technology Blog. This technology blog was launched to cover relevant information and the regular technical questions asked.
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