Having been involved with setting up a local radio station at a young age, Mark has a wide range of experience in audio.

LHFC (Locks Heath Free Church)

  • After a break from studio work, started volunteering with the live Sunday morning services, and Thursday events.

SRP Records (Bath based record label)

  • Producer & Engineer: Recorded and produced The Decoy Eden now known as Rule to Reign. Release date in December.
  • Producer & Engineer: Recorded and produced one solo artist (Ian Denny), and one band (Dielo).
  • Also working along side an artist called Steve Norman, who is in contact with Tim Westwood.

Technical Services (Hampshire based audio and lighting company)

  • Pinewood Studios: FOH (Front Of House) engineer for a pilot for BBC3 of a Saturday Night show called ‘Everybody’s Inn!’ Hosted by Bradley Walsh.
  • ‘Fitness first’ and ‘David Lloyd’ Gymnasium road show: Rigged a public address system with music and over saw staging.
  • Fireworks (Bi- annual) Gunwharf, Portsmouth: Engineered and rigged a public address and music system with atmospheric lighting.
  • Fireworks show, Leigh Park: Rigged a 100 volt line system for fireworks.
  • Ken Hom chef demonstration, Gunwharf, Portsmouth: Designed lighting sound, operated CCTV, and set a construction with a public address system.
  • Lord Mayors show (annual) Portsmouth: Produced and rigged a public address system for a carnival parade.
  • ‘Showaddywaddy’ concert, Porchester castle: Engineered and rigged a concert sound system with lighting. On my birthday, started at 6am and did not finish until 3am the next day!
  • Jubilee concert, Porchester castle: Engineered, produced and rigged a concert sound and lighting system.
  • Girl Guides AGM, Gosport: Produced, rigged and engineered a public address system and CCTV.

Panic FM (run on a temporary month license)

  • Planned the launch for the station from just an idea.
  • Main responsibilities were financing and sponsorship, employing staff, and arranging equipment needed.
  • Presented an ‘evening dance show’ twice a week.

Power FM (capital radio group for the South)

  • Created jingles.
  • Participated in outside broadcastings.

Hospital radio (Haslar Hospital)

  • Presented and produced my own film and theatre show on a Thursday evening.
  • Created jingles for the show.

Kings Theatre (Southsea, Portsmouth)

  • Setup and operated FOH sound.
  • Helped with “Get in” and “Get out.”

Waterside Community Centre (Gosport)

  • A voluntary sound technician at the ‘Waterside’ community centre in Gosport.
  • Trained people to DJ and operate sound desks.Those people trained, then went on to teaching others.
  • Ran a disco for disadvantaged teenagers every fortnight from 2001 to 2003.

If you wish to discuss any audio requirements or wish to discuss audio work, please contact Mark.

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