Call Flow & Call Answering

How calls flow in (and out) of your business or organisation is very important.

Common problems seen are:

  • Long queue times
  • Calls going unanswered
  • Having to change published numbers
  • Lack of failover option
  • No disaster recovery

Some of the solutions available involve:

  • Geographic routing
  • Using 3rd party call answering services
  • Using NGN (Non Geographic Numbers) or even geographic numbers that act like NGNs
  • Cloud based routing (or network based routing)
  • DR implementation plans to include home workers, home agents and easily implemented alternative routing

For “Customer M” who had recruitment offices in Scotland, London and Hampshire they used a main NGN and routed customers calling from the relevant areas to their local office. Similarly, for “Customer L” operating as a franchise, they route customers to their local franchisee but still advertise one main number.

For “Customer H” they have disaster recovery plans and with using one particular supplier they had an iPhone App which allowed them to control all their call routing from anywhere!

If you wish to discuss these call flow and call answering solutions, or have different call flow problems then please contact Mark who will be happy to help.

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