Christmas Events 2012

“Snow is falling, all around me – children playing, having fun. It’s the season, of love and understanding – Merry Christmas Everyone!”

Thanks Shaky – for those too young to remember, that was “Shakin’ Stevens” – though he’d be in your musical consciousness whatever your age is as the tune is rolled out every December without fail.


Christmas is a funny time for music as certain songs are just accepted as part of the fabric of the season. Speaking of fabric, did you know that Father Christmas’s red tunic was heavily influenced as a result of Coca Cola marketing? In time prior to the fizzy drink’s prominence, Santa Claus would just as likely be spotted in a green tunic – now it’s red all the way (though thankfully without “It’s the real thing!” embroidered down his arms).


Anyway back to the music – some pop stars are now only known through their Christmas “novelty” records, but it seems the recent efforts from current artists are having a hard time breaking through to the coveted “assured annual royalty payment” zone of getting a song on the latest “Now That’s What I Call A Christmas Cash Cow” compilation album. Perhaps part of their problem is not coming up with an original song but running a retread on a “golden oldie” – and no matter how hard they try they’ll never eclipse the original. As a public health warning I recommend you NEVER listen to Ronan Keating and Marie Brennan’s massacre of “Fairytale of New York” – without Shane McGowan’s inebriated slurring attempt at the lyrics the song loses all its charm and character. I have to say musically the session musicians do a good job of aping the original and it’s not until young Ronan starts up that the illusion is shattered – and then you’re clamouring for the NEXT button on your remote.


Of course with wishing one and all a merry Christmas comes the follow-on line “and a happy new year”. Always a good time to link arms and attempt to sing a song that no-one knows the words to. I think it goes along the lines of “Should old acquaintance be forgot… hmmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmmm” but no one really cares as it’s always a good time to hug your fellow man or woman in a distinctly non-stiff upper lip fashion and wish them the best for the year ahead. To be able to do this well it’s ideal to be at a New Year’s Eve Party – and if you’re thinking of getting some friends together for just such an event I can heartily recommend a DJ that will really ensure the night goes down as one of those parties to remember.


MrGroove (and his mobile rig Groovemachine which together go under the catchy name “Groovemachine featuring MrGroove“) has been the purveyor of fine tunes since 1990 and has a wide experience of events – from straightforward disco parties through to children’s parties, weddings and fashion shows. With his radio presentation experience he knows how to effectively communicate with the guests and, reassuringly for a DJ, is not besotted with the sound of his own voice and unless necessary prefers to let the music do the talking. He does however have the abilities required to ensure a party really works successfully making sure that requests where possible are played and knowing that it is not an opportunity to play his favourite tunes (as some DJs like to do) but a time for partygoers to have fun. Which brings us back to Shaky – “Merry Christmas Everyone!”

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