Cloud IT

Cloud IT (also known as Thin IT) is the future of Information Technology. Companies such as Microsoft and Google (to name the biggest two) have launched Cloud based products!

Mark worked with a Fareham based company to build a Citrix based hosted desktop platform, along with a hosted telephony platform. These two platforms together are revolutionising small to medium sized businesses; with large companies taking up some of the offerings as well.

Hosted Desktop allows the user to log into their desktop via a web browser. Their desktop is then powered by high end servers making them quick to respond and powerful when processing large amounts of information.

Main advantages:

  • Reduce initial IT setup costs
  • Latest technology
  • No software upgrade fees
  • Monthly rental of software (so you can use a piece of software for just a few months, with buying an expensive one time license)
  • Outsourced IT support

If you want to find out more about Cloud IT, or want to discuss what benefits it would bring you, please contact Mark.

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