Project Management

Having been involved in delivering and managing projects from an early stage in his career, Mark has gone on to manage a wide range of technology projects. This range of project management covers small 5 page websites, to 30 user phone system with one engineer as part of the team and up to million pound, multi site IT and telephony roll outs with a wide range of engineers, stake holders and targets.

The most recent project is a half million new site for Customer O, with the deadline of the Olympics looming and OpenReach not allowed to dig up any roads getting a data circuit into the building is going to be the largest challenge on this project. The phone system for 150 users should be fairly straight forward as there is a pool of engineers who can also complete the switch and firewall programming. The router being supplied comes already configured for failover, the ISDN and SIP are standard products worked with on previous projects and the guest Wi Fi has been delivered before in other scenarios.

Even with the small projects managed by Mark there’s always a lesson to be learnt about defining the outcomes, monitoring budgets and making sure all involved are kept full up to date.

If you wish to have some project management assistance, please contact Mark.

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