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Most people talk about Search Engine Optimisation. But how does Search Engine Optimisation work? Well, Search Engine Optimisation can work by including the keyword (eg SEO) or key phrase (eg Search Engine Optimisation) lots in the content of your page. Sometimes this method of Search Engine Optimisation doesn’t work for humans reading the site as the Search Engine Optimisation stops the flow of the content of the web page…. a bit like the Search Engine Optimisation applied to this blog post on Search Engine Optimisation!

In fact, it’s even hurting my head writing Search Engine Optimisation so many times, I might start calling Search Engine Optimisation SEO instead!

Moving onto a more serious note, this method of SEO can cause problems if the keyword / key phrase is written too much the SEO backfires and Google says “hang on, that’s keyword spamming” and you’ll be doing more SEO harm than SEO good. Equally, if you over optimise your site and people do start landing on your web pages, they may struggle to read the content! As you will see from this blog post, I’ve over mentioned the keywords/phrases Search Engine Optimisation SEO and at times it’s difficult to read. Hiring an experienced SEO expert should help you avoid these pitfalls as they will be experienced in what does and doesn’t work for SEO; this blog is designed as an example of over doing the keyword spamming. I use  the Flesch Reading Ease test amongst other tools to help.

Ok, ok…. I’ve moved onto now saying SEO too much to balance out having said Search Engine Optimisation too much before… but once you start with this SEO method it can get addictive and start to change how you write anything. If I’m not careful I start optimising my emails for search engines! Or worse, start optimising my conversations for search engines!

Anyway, enough of this SEO talk…see I can’t help myself writing SEO….there I go again with the Search Engine Optimisation…and again, I can’t stop…

Let me try to end this SEO blog post, without saying Search Engine Optimisation or SEO again….

If you need help with…erm, SEO (!) or (wait for it) Search Engine Optimisation then please contact me and I’ll try not to mention….

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