Web Page Design

Designing a web page is always tricky. A quick browse of the web will expose you to many different web page designs, with different colours and styles of web page design.

The common web page designs to see are:

  • 1 column web page design – this design often has a menu along the top in a thin, wide banner; with the content flowing down. This web page design works best for lots of content or for web pages with very different quantities of text.
  • 2 column web page design – one small column being the menu navigation and the second larger column holding the content of your web page. This web page design lends itself to sites with lots of content.
  • 3 column web page design – tends to involve a large header banner, with 3 short columns below offering space for small amounts of text or large buttons. This web page design tends not to be used on all pages in a site due to lack of space. Sometimes this web page design can be used to have 2 menus (or news feed) either side of a centre column.
  • 4 column web page design – is probably too messy for a user to understand what’s going on in the web page.

When considering a web page design, it always best to plan things like page count. If the page count is going to be high a 1 column web page design and fixed width menu will need a drop down if more than 5 or 6 pages. Equally a 3 column web page design would not work if you had very few web pages.

I would always look at your competition’s web page design choices to help guide you on your own web page design choices.

Should you need help or guidance on web page designs, please contact me.

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